Call Me Fitz
High Def

48 episodes - 30 Minutes

Plot Summary

Power, politics, porn. Last season, our anti-hero decided that real power is in public office. But of course, things don’t turn out quite the way he expected. In season 4, Fitz finds himself back at square one – scraping together a living, selling junkers with his old man from a park lot and trailer, a block and a half off dealership row.


Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210)
Ernie Grunwald (One on One)
Tracy Dawson (Loser, Honey)
Joanna Cassidy (Blade Runner)
Peter MacNeill (A History of Violence, Crash)

Additional Notes

Season Breakdown S1: 13, S2: 13, S3: 12, S4: 10


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